About Us

•  Have you ever seen or used a software application that does "sort of" what you want, but not quite?

•  Do you and/or your employees spend too much time on tedious/repetitive tasks,
or shuffling too much paper, rather than actually working your Business?

•  Do you need a better way to communicate and interact with your customers?

Gallaware can help!

We specialize in improving productivity and efficiency so that you can spend more time
growing your business.

Most businesses revolve around data, lots of data; but that data is often dispersed, unorganized and oftentimes duplicated. The best way to keep your data organized and concise is with the use of databases. Custom applications are used when every other avenue has been investigated but none supply the proper or complete solution.

Gallaware is a Colorado-based business established in 1998. We are dedicated to improving the productivity and efficiency of our clients through the use of custom software and web applications that are both appropriate for a business's specific needs and easy to use and maintain. We have developed software solutions for companies of all sizes and nation-wide. Our success is due to our attention to detail which helps us deliver a product that is truly beneficial to a business's operations.

We survived the "dot.com" failures by working closely with our clients and combining technical expertise with the ability to think beyond the constraints of a standard template structure. We take the time to learn about your business and what you plan to achieve with your new application, then we help identify the project requirements as well as the benchmark(s) upon which the success of the project will be judged.

Contact us to learn how we can make you more productive and efficient - we look forward to doing business with you soon.